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"Philip is top class and was instrumental in placing me in my current position. His knowledge of the current staff, company structure, and work environment was critical in making sure my skill set would fit properly with the company. His assistance allowed me to feel at ease with applying for the position. His guidance allowed me to showcase my abilities and clearly show why I was the best candidate for the position. I would highly recommend him to any candidate looking for a job."

- David Jordan, Senior System Engineer


"Philip is top class and was instrumental in placing me in my current position. His knowledge of the current staff, company structure, and work environment was critical in making sure my skill set would fit properly with the company. His assistance allowed me to feel at ease with applying for the position. His guidance allowed me to showcase my abilities and clearly show why I was the best candidate for the position. I would highly recommend him to any candidate looking for a job."

- Eric Guether, IT Manager


"I have worked with Philip for over 20 years in the recruitment of new employees for our organization. The quality of candidates he has presented to me over the years are always of the up most quality and professionalism. Philip truly listens in great detail to the type of candidate you are looking for and always finds someone who is the perfect fit. I plan on working with Philip for many years to come since there is no one better in his industry then himself."

- Thomas Ritter, Vice President of IT


"Philip is a top-flight recruiter who was extremely helpful in placing me in my current position at Voxware. When I first "met" Philip five years ago, he stood out for his professionalism, class, and honesty. I was very pleased to have the chance to work with him again recently. As a job candidate, I always felt that my time and talents were respected when working with Philip. Also, his knowledge of the local IT market was an invaluable resource to me. I would recommend Philip to any friends or colleagues who are either looking for a new position or looking to hire engineering talent. In fact I have done so, several times."

- Jason Barrett, Software Development Manager


"I have engaged Philip's services on many occasions during the past 15 years. He consistently and expeditiously provides an extremely high level of service ensuring our success. Philip takes great pride in providing invaluable advice and guidance through the recruitment process. He is an insightful, extremely knowledgeable subject matter expert. Philip is an absolute pleasure to work with and highly recommended."   

- Mark Taylor, Account Manager


"I have known and worked with Philip since 2000. Initially, he placed me at TRAC Intermodal. Then as a hiring manager, I chose to maintain my relationship with Philip because I found him to be a dedicated and responsive recruiting professional. He provided me valuable employment market information when I needed to fill positions, and always provided candidates that aligned with my position’s job specification. I have recommended Philip to colleagues and I will continue to do so."

- David Schuchman, Information Technology Manager


"I have really enjoyed working with Philip over the years in finding proper candidates for all positions related to IT. He is a lot more than a recruiter and spends the time to know his clients as well as candidates before he engages in a search. All recruiting firms promise that they can deliver the right candidate but Philip is actually one that delivers that promise consistently."

- Carlos Ramos, Director of IT Infrastructure


"I had the opportunity to work with Phil at multiple companies. He is detail oriented, reliable, extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. His extensive and well connected network is an asset to any organization. He has the incredible ability to find talent where others are not successful. He can certainly build an maintain long lasting relationships at all levels in the organization. He provides quality, speed and high integrity. I highly recommend Philip to any organization."

- Maria Cordera-Bachenski, Senior Talent Management and Aquisition Leader


"Philip defines what a recruiter should be. It is difficult to find someone you can trust in this marketplace of greedy headhunters. Instead, Philip really puts his clients' careers first. From the moment I spoke with Philip on the phone, I trusted his ability to find the next step in my career. He has wonderful insight into resume preparation and interviewing techniques. Philip does a great job of matching employment with his clients."      

- Brian Epstein, Computer Manager, Network and Security


"Philip has always displayed the utmost professionalism. I have never doubted referring someone to Philip because I am confident that he will always treat them with respect. I view him as a person who exemplifies relationship building and truly understands the value of the long term. It really is a pleasure knowing him."      

- Larry Schenk, Principal Systems Engineer


"As a hiring manager, Phillip was one of the first individual I had approached for any position that I had open. I have always had high regards for him because of the professionalism he presented. His assessment of the position and candidates was fantastic. Look forward to working with him for long time to come"

- Venkat R. Chirra, Senior Manager, Digital, Data and Analytics


"Philip is one of the few (of many) recruiters that I have worked with who actually takes the time to fully understand the needs of all of his clients (both on the employer and employee side). My experience has been that Philip will only put forward a candidate when he truly believes that there is an exceptional fit for a particular position. Philip is all about presenting quality candidates, not quantity. I don't think I ever was presented to a potential employer by Philip where I wondered why I was at the interview. I highly recommend Philip from a candidate's perspective, and knowing the care he takes matching clients to roles, I will not hesitate to contact him should I need to make a hire for my department."

- Gary Ellis, Manager, Infrastructure Services


"The process of finding a job should never be thought of nothing else but a bilateral process. It is for all intent and purposes, a marriage. Philip plays an integral part in this process. 

The Processes broken down to three parts is as follows: 
1. Courtship
2. Meeting the Parents
3. & Walling Down the Isle

I will speak of all three... 


My paring with my current company CSL-Behring, began about 14 months ago. I wanted to move on, and Philip called me for an opportunity that he thought was right up my alley. But for whatever the reason was, I moved on; to a great place, but a situation that wasn't my best cup of tea. The original position was up again, and again Phillip contacted me for what he thought was a "Excellent Fit" and he wanted to set up an interview for me with this resurrected opportunity.....I said OK. 

Meeting the Parents: 

When the interview process came to pass, a process that lasted 3 months, Phillip was there throughout the whole thing. He held my hand, but also that of my perspective employer. A three-month decision needed intervention on both my and my perspective New Family's point of view; but we got there. 

Walking Down the Isle: 

Now we are here, all the courtship has occurred, and maybe there is some hesitation present in the decision to eventually move forward. 

Philip is like a future Step-Father that has been trying to fix-up the company with a perfect match. You have to know what the client needs are, while not loosing sight of the candidate. Many times I have felt like a commodity rather than a resource. Philip has the balance between both. 

I did walk down that isle and did say I do....and am (and so is the Company) for the perfect matching. 

Thank You Philip."

- Andrew Reef, Systems Analyst Senior IT Validation


"Philip contacted me for a job position. I found his ability to communicate through the whole process very exceptional. Every aspect went extremely smooth. He provide me very valuable materials pre and post job offer which made interviewing and then transitioning much easier. I would highly recommend working with him."

- Jeffrey Wolfanger, Data Center Architect


"Philip is a detail-oriented recruiter with much wisdom and drive. He has been a great partner in some searches and I plan to work more with him."

- Carolyn Hayes, Costumer Solutions


"Philip is one of the most trustworthy, ethical and talented recruiters that I know. He always goes the extra mile for his clients and candidates!"

- Bob Small, VP


"Philip's company and ours have worked together very harmoniously. He has always been a top professional, displaying a wealth of knowledge and complete honesty. You can't ask for more! I would happily recommend Philip to anyone."

- Colleen Balongh-Walther, President


"Philip is an excellent recruiter. I have known and worked with him for over 20 years. I find him to be highly ethical and has the best interests in mind for both the client and the potential employee. He always kept me informed of my status for the position I was applying for."

- Dean Plante, IT Security Analyst


"In Philip's role at Bartfield Search, he is at the top of his game. He is innovative and always a step ahead of the market. At kforce, Philip was my mentor. He taught me a lot about recruiting, but also stressed the highest standards in quality. Philip's candidate and client interactions are not about transactions, but lasting, productive relationships."

- Traci Wainwright, Senior HR Manager

Preferred Member of the TopEchelon Network, a professional group of over 600 partner firms providing direct hire and contract staffing nationwide.



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